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Camping at Redcliffe Festival

For £10 you can camp from Thursday 18th July to Monday 22nd July, this covers 1 tent and up to 6 people.  Camping is only open to Redcliffe Festival ticket holders (wearing wristbands).

You can park your car next to your tent. You can bring your dog, but you are responsible for controlling it at all times. Camping is in a spacious field on Redcliffe Farm, water and toilets are supplied. Live-in Vehicles are welcome, the cost is also £10.

The field is normally used by our cattle, so we ask that you don't bring any glass into the field. Please bring cans, plastic bottels, wine boxes etc..

Please don't expect to be allowed to burn our fences or trees, we don't have a ready supply of firewood and we would encourage you to stick to small barbecues and camping stoves.